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System Consultant: Tom Nicotera
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  • 3.5" diameter steel standards
  • QuickNet height adjustments
  • Antennae set included
  • Post padding is included, choice of colors
  • Frontier Complete includes ground sockets with cover plate
  • Frontier Express includes everything above EXCEPT ground sockets
The Frontier steel competition volleyball post system offers exceptional net and post rigidity at a price that will maximize your budget! Steel volleyball posts have long been the popular standard when it comes to maintaining bowstring tight net tension. Though advances have been made with lightweight titanium standards, steel is still the most economical way to get competition quality net tensioning.

Typical steel standards from other manufacturers are heavy and difficult to set up and take down. This is not the case with First Teamís Frontier system! Though Frontierís uprights are constructed of thick ľĒ wall steel tubing, the Frontier is the only volleyball system constructed with itís own built in transport wheel on each post. The transport wheel makes moving and setup a snap. Simply roll each upright to itís respective floor socket and drop the volleyball post into place, no lifting required! All Frontier packages come complete with a wormgear crank net tensioner that will not backdrive and is the safest in the industry. The telescoping pistons are spring loaded for simple, quick net height adjustments from 78Ē to 98Ē for all levels of play. The net height is shown on the built in net height indicator. Each system comes with a top quality knotless mesh competition net made with Kevlar. First Team competition antennae set comes standard. Upright padding is included in you choice of 12 colors, padded rope covers and chain net height gauge are also included.

The entire system meets all NCAA, National High School Federation and USVBA rules.

FREE lettering on padding with purchase of system!
1-color letters, maximum 10 letters, 3 font styles to choose from, 16 color options.
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SHIPPING: Other dealers will offer a higher, set price and include shipping. I can typically beat those prices by $150-350 when I price the system out at a reasonable mark-up and take the time to calculate EXACT freight to your location. Volume shipping rates apply to multi-unit purchases.

FREE lettering on padding with purchase of system!
1-color letters, maximum 10 letters, 3 font styles to choose from, 16 color options.
See lettering details >>

Frontier Complete
  • Steel posts (2)
  • Net and all accessories
  • Ground sockets included
  • Post pads included

Manufacturer Restrictions prevent us from displaying our sale price.

Fill out and submit this form to receive IMMEDIATE initial pricing. Additional discounts on unit price and/or freight apply for multi-unit purchases. I will follow up with more information based on your specific interest and ship to zip code. MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS or PHONE.

- Tom Nicotera

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Frontier Complete - SBS
  • Side-By-Side, 2 courts
  • Steel posts (3)
  • Nets and all accessories
  • Ground sockets included
  • Post pads included
Frontier Express
  • Steel posts (2)
  • Net and all accessories
  • Ground sockets NOT included
  • Post pads included
Frontier Express - SBS
  • Side-By-Side, 2 courts
  • Steel posts (3)
  • Net and all accessories
  • Ground sockets NOT included
  • Post pads included

Lifetime Limited (LL)
Covers any damage caused by normal volleyball activity and normal player contact with the goal. "Normal volleyball activity" and "Normal player contact" shall be described as any action that is necessary for participation in the game of volleyball. Deliberate hanging on the rim, multiple player hanging, and vandalism are not covered under the Limited Warranty.

20-Year Limited (20L)
Same as above for a period of 20 years.
Lifetime Superior (LS)
Covers any damage or failure caused by any type of volleyball activity or related contact with the unit. This includes deliberate hanging on the rim as well as multiple player hanging. The Superior Warranty does not cover vandalism.
Lifetime Unconditional (LU)
Covers any damage or failure that occurs for any reason. Any product carrying an Unconditional Warranty is exempt from the previously stated limitations.

Note: Any normal wear and tear caused by weathering or UV exposure is not covered under any First Team warranty. All painted items carry a one year limited warranty on coating.

Durable, dependable volleyball systems designed for organized, public, unsupervised use. Systems are warranted for organization/institutional use as well as private residences.

Most dealers have a set price for systems that includes a pre-determined, often inflated, shipping cost. I can negotiate better shipping rates from the various freight carriers, Yellow, FedEx, SAIA, and take the time to calculate the best possible freight to YOUR location.

Multi-unit orders are welcome and encouraged! You'll get the same great unit price and the lowest possible cost on freight.

DON'T BE FOOLED by system pricing that includes FREE freight. I can beat those prices by hundreds.

Please contact me via this web site or give a call toll free if I can answer any questions. I assure you I can put you in the best system for your needs and no one will be more helpful as you sort through sourcing your systems.

Tom Nicotera

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